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Meet Us - The Officient

OUr Mission

What we stand for

Business owners are overwhelmed.
 Each day is a constant drone of digital noise.

Navigating through the avalanche of information is exhausting.

We are here to re-empower business owners and companies. To support and be a digital safe space to bounce ideas and make improvements.

A place for people to get reliable information trusted guidance and up-to-date information that is going to benefit your business… not someone else’s back pocket!

Bringing years of experience from a variety of business (and life) experience, we will re-inspire the love you have for your business. A profitable small business using proven Growth, Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Creation, Google Optimisation and traditional time tested classic marketing strategies.

Meet Chantal

Hi guys, I started The Officient in 2011 after I noticed a massive gap for business needing support in marketing and growth.

I tested and measured different strategies and before I knew it that was called digital marketing.

I have over 23 years of experience in these industries:

Advertising agencies, Branding Agencies, HR Consultancies, Hospitality, Healthcare, Skincare, Project Management, Building and Construction, Startups, IT, Fabrications, Marketing.  The Officient

Meet Ian

Hello world!  I joined Chantal at The Officient in 2021 when I noticed that combining our backgrounds would make a great team.

I have over 20 years experience in all things IT, Network Administration, Server Maintenance, Helpdesk, Wi-Fi installations, VoIP, website and intranet system installations, POS and BOH, SEO experience and a general love for troubleshooting and fixing problems that prevent digital systems reaching their potential.

We both have a passion for IT, Marketing, growth and for helping people do what they LOVE. Supporting them in any way we can.

We also love sailing…

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