Digital Mess Clean Up

Is your digital world a mess?

We debrief your digital pain points, help you get unstuck and give you a step-by-step action plan to implement OR if your prefer we can take on your digital mess and turn it into something Marie Kondo would drool over.

Bringing years of experience from a variety of business (and Life) experience, we will re-inspire the love you have for your business. a profitable small business using proven Growth, Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Creation, Google Optimisation and  traditional time tested classic marketing strategies.

What's your digital mess?


Do you have a painful IT or digital problem you want to solve? Bring it to our session and we will brainstorm the possible causes and optional solutions to put that problem behind you and get productivity out of your IT.

Digital Marketing

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, websites, email marketing, social media, SEO we can help with any of the mess and clean and tidy your history into something you can manage,

IT Systems and Processes

Explore 40 combined years of IT nerds, knowledge and experience of most popular/common systems and processes.  We love matching people to tools that make IT painless, affordable and really work for you.

Domain Names

Need some domain name help?

We see so many businesses with domain names all over the place and people being prompted to buy extra domains with so call “free bonus domains” that they don’t need and cost them year after year.

Email Addresses

POP, IMAP, SMTP, Exchange, Google, Zoho, there are so many options when it comes to email – which one is right for your needs and budget – how many addresses can 1 person manage? Let us bounce with you on ideas to consolidate and take the pain out of your email situation.

Social Media Connections

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, the list grows and they they are great and have a place in the business framework until they get orphaned or don’t work and can’t connect. Speak with us to sort through these assets and get a coherent plan.

How It Works?

1 | We find out what you need

We find out which areas of your business are your pain points.

If we can solve it there and then we will. 

2 | Quote

We give you an estimate of how long the tasks will take.

You can either pay by the hour (like a one-off clean) or pay us a yearly fee and never have to worry about digital mess again.

Prices depend on the size of your business.

The Officient


Meet Your Digital Cleaners

Hi 👋 we are Chantal and Ian, we educate and Marie Kondo businesses  so they can increase their sales and grow a profitable business without having to wade through a digital mess. Let’s get your digital assets working for you instead of against you. Give us a call we are the friendly kind of nerds.  kind of nerds.

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